Worship While You're Away: 4 Take-Away Services

Year Created: 
Gord Waldie, Tim Lissimore, Louise Skibstead, Richard Bott

When people head out on holidays - to camp, to cottage, or to another country - it is sometimes difficult to find a faith community to join for worship. This project contains complete worship services that people could take with them, to use as individual devotions, or to invite others to join them in family or communal worship.

"Do you really love me?" - Tim Lissimore
"Justice and Peace" - Louise Skibstead
"Spirit Language" - Gord Waldie
"Open Your Eyes" - Richard Bott

What if it isn't over? An Easter Drama

Year Created: 
Richard Bott
St. Andrew's Haney United Church

This worship drama script was written for the Easter morning worship service, coming out of reflection on the Easter story as it is shared in the gospel according to Mark 16:1-8. This drama has two characters: 1 – Mary of Magdala; 2 – Peter.

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